Getting Started

New Tenants / Moving In

In preparation for your move to 490 Arsenal Way, we have included the following checklist of forms and other information required by the JLL Management Office. These forms, as well as other forms you will need over the life of your tenancy, can be found in this manual. When using forms, please keep one copy for you and return the original to the JLL Management Office. We ask that you complete the following forms and return them to the JLL Management Team via email. If you have any questions, please contact the JLL Management Office at (617) 737-8640.

Forms Required Prior to Moving-In:

  • Move-In Day Information Access Card Request
  • Authorized Individuals & After-Hours Emergency Contact List Floor Response Team
  • Individuals in Need of Assistance

Move-In Day Information:

  • This form requests information regarding your move-in day. Please notify the JLL Management Office if there are any changes. For your convenience, we want to ensure that there will be no scheduling conflicts, and that all the proper information has been received.

Access Card Request:

  • 490 Arsenal Way requires an access card for afterhours entrance into the building. Most tenant spaces will require an access card that will be compatible with the building access system. Building access cards will be issued to you upon completion of this form and a short production process.

Key Distribution:

  • Please let the JLL Management Office know if additional copies of keys need to be made for your space. Please complete the key request form so we may properly order the correct number needed. Please remember to alert the JLL Management Office and retrieve suite keys when employees leave or get terminated.

Authorized Individuals and After-Hours Emergency Contact List:

  • These lists will be used by security in the case of property removal questions, after-hours emergencies, or after-hours access into the building. Security will only allow the desired action to take place with the approval from an authorized individual.

Floor Response Team:

  • This form designates individuals from your staff who will serve as floor wardens in the event of a building emergency.

Individuals in Need of Assistance:

  • Please list those individuals who may need assistance in a case of an emergency. See exhibits for all Emergency Response duty forms.