Emergencies happen – the Chicago Fire, the Oklahoma City bombing, the San Francisco earthquake, are all evidence that emergencies can and do impact the workplace. Although they are unplanned and unwanted, it is everyone’s responsibility to be prepared for them. These Emergency Procedures contain the information you need to be prepared for an emergency. Everyone who works in this building must read and be familiar with these procedures. We recommend that these procedures be distributed to all employees and posted in a lunchroom or other common area.

In some cities, the local code requires specific fire life safety training, and may provide a time frame in which the training must be received. This guide does not supersede local code. Please adhere to local code requirements and in the absence of code, follow these guidelines.

If you have any questions about the procedures and plans in this Guide, please contact your property manager.


Property Management recommends that each tenant have an emergency action plan in place to help their employees prepare for and react quickly to, a regional emergency, including terrorist attacks.

Click on the links below to access a variety of resources that aid in preparing for a regional emergency:

NOTE: Local media outlets will provide important information during an emergency situation.

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