Power Failure


  • In the event the building sustains a power failure, emergency lighting should be available in the stairwells. Stairwell emergency lighting is powered by either a battery-back up system or emergency generator. Generally, HVAC equipment, lights, outlets, most elevators and telephone equipment will not be operational, however, check with the property team to become familiar with the systems that are in place at your building.


  1. The property team will contact the electric company to attempt to find out the cause of the outage and the anticipated duration of the outage.
  2. Turn off all appliances, computers and other equipment. If equipment is turned on and a power surge occurs, the surge may damage the equipment.
  3. Use flashlights and light sticks only when needed because you don’t know how long the outage will last.
  4. Floor Wardens and the Emergency Response Team meet in the elevator lobby to determine if any people are trapped in the elevators. If so, ask the occupants to remain calm and determine if anyone is injured. Let them know that you are requesting assistance. See Medical Emergencies if individuals are injured or ill.
  5. Elevator Monitors stay in contact with the trapped individuals until assistance arrives. Reassure them that assistance is on the way.
  6. If the power outage becomes lengthy (an hour or more) and the electric company does not know how long the power will be out, the property team will provide information and direction to the tenants. The building may close for business. [See the Evacuation Section of this Guide].
  7. The Emergency Response Team should take their positions and prepare to evacuate the floor according to the Evacuation Plan when notified by the Floor Warden.