Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace is a serious safety and health issue. Its most extreme form, homicide, is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States. Workplace violence can strike anywhere. However, some workers are at increased risk, such as those who:

  • Work with cash.
  • Deliver passengers, good, or services.
  • Work alone or in small groups.
  • Work during late night or early morning hours.
  • Work in high-crime areas.
  • Work in community settings and homes where they have extensive contact with the public.

If you observe an incident of workplace violence:

  • Do not attempt to confront or stop the perpetrator.
  • Quietly move out of the area and signal others to follow.
  • Call 911 from a safe area.
  • Call Property Management (617) 737-8640 from a safe area.
  • Alert supervisors and individuals working on the floor, and ask them to move out of the office to a safe location until the local authorities have the situation under control.